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Apple incorporation is a multinational innovation group from the United States. The headquarter of the organization is situated in Cupertino, California. The business of the organization comprises of assembling and offering of buyer electronic gadgets, designing and creating versatile and PC software and online services. The organization's product offering involves iPhone cell phone, Apple smartwatch, and Apple TV, Mac PC, iPod and iPad tablet. The well-known software from the organization contains iOS for iPhones, Mac OS for PCs, Safari web browser, iTunes and different others. The online service from the organization contain iOS application store, iCloud, Apple Music, Mac application store, and iTunes Store.

Apple iPhone The Journey of a Brand

Back in 2007, when iPhones first hit the market, many thought it would never make any sales or will be no competition to the then launched Microsoft smartphones. But Apple has proved everyone wrong by not only selling the first iPhones made but also selling a series of iPhone series till the latest iPhone in the span of more than 10 years.

Though many android smartphones have tried to mock and give their phones and iPhone feel, none have come close to the original. One of the first things an iPhone user will notice is the ease with which you can use the product. It doesn’t involve too much thinking. Even the design is simple and user-friendly. On the other hand, an Android phone is more like a PC. You need to understand the navigation system like the developer who developed it. Apple’s iPhone series has also not only been consistent in design but also in performance and operating principles. The same can hardly be said about Androids where there are too many of its kind and in various qualities.

Another more compelling reason why a person would opt for an iPhone is its security. Privacy and security are not taken lightly and hence, the depth of encryption that goes into an Apple product cannot be matched. Apple also has fewer apps compared to Androids. They follow a strict rule about being genuine and most of the key apps come in iOS first rather than on Androids.

And not to forget the software updates that iOS gets. It is simple to download and install in iPhones but not all Androids get timely updates. Many Android makers are slow at updating their phones to the latest version of the Android OS version especially for the older phones.

Apple iPhone Customer Service Number for Technical Help

However, like any other smart and sophisticated phone, an iPhone too causes problems. Most of the time it is easy to troubleshoot and fix them too. Many times a simple restart, reboot or even a recovery will get it back to normal. There are many restore errors for which you can find a solution on the official website of Apple. But if you are facing other errors frequently or those that you do not know the solution to, you can always call the Apple iPhone customer service number. The executives at Apple iPhone support phone number will ask for your iPhone serial number. This number is found on the outer casing of the iPhone or in the Settings page under the ‘About’ category.

Some of the issues that iPhone customer support executive can help you with are:

  • unable to update iPhone with the recent iOS
  • unable to reset the iPhone with the default factory settings
  • error connecting to iTunes
  • touch screen unresponsive
  • Apps not launching
  • resetting Apple ID
  • changing Apple ID email address
  • create or delete Apple ID
  • battery consuming apps and battery saving options
  • Bluetooth or Airdrops connection issues
  • iPhone not charging
  • iPhone slow or lagging or freezing
  • GPS not working
  • Issues with camera
  • Random crashing or Boot loop
  • Siri auto-launching
  • iPhone over-heating

Although it is best to call the iPhone support number as they are genuine and provide the best technical support. There are a number of third-party service providers as well to help you resolve the issue.

Why to choose Apple iPhone Support Number

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Apple iPad

IPad is a tablet or slate PC. Upon the arrival of the first iPad, Apple formally proclaimed that it is a supernatural and progressive gadget for perusing the web, perusing and sending email, appreciating photographs, watching recordings, tuning in to music, playing amusements, perusing eBooks and more. Mac outlined the iPad to involve another item classification between the iPod touch, iPhone and the Mac, and therefore, it is extremely neither an iPod or iPhone nor a Mac.

Nonetheless, it runs a rendition of an indistinguishable working framework from the iPod touch and iPhone. In like manner, the iPad is good with most by far of utilizations composed for the iPhone and iPod touch also; it isn't preposterous to think of it as an individual from the iPhone or iPod touch family of items.

The iPad does not run on Mac OS X or Mac OS X applications, so it isn't Mac, in spite of the fact that the iOS is gotten from Mac OS X. Notwithstanding the official uses, the iPad is used like a fundamental PC with the first outer console dock frill above, along these lines ceased or any number of Bluetooth remote consoles. At the point when joined with the iWork programming Pages, the outer console capacity makes it conceivable to easily create full reports on the iPad, which would then be able to be spared in Pages, Word, or PDF design and printed, if necessary.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Apple iPad?

To sync contact from iPhone to Apple iPad a user has to register for iCloud on primary or source device in our case it’s an iPhone and in it we should enable iCloud syncing for Contacts and once we enable it we need to wait for few minutes say about 10 minutes and then login to iCloud on our secondary or target device iPad with the same apple id which has been used in the iPhone and once logged in and then enable Contacts syncing wait for a few minutes. Now the contacts from the iPhone is synched with iPad.

Apple iPad support can be accessed from apples official website depending on your country code and they handle problems like forgot passcode, find my iPad, help regarding charging issues, repair options and much more.

Apple iPad support phone number is also provided depending on your country and region and it’s divided into the United States and Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia pacific, Middle East and Europe. By clicking the support options of your country region you can contact the apple iPad support. Apple iPad offers support in various ways and all your iPad related problems and issues while setting up or while using and if u have a question or want to talk with someone, you can do it from apples official website Or you can directly call Apple iPad tech support phone number +1-800-241-5303 for instant and assured solution for your issues.

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