My Mac Won’t Turn On? What Is the Solution?

Mac Won’t Turn on

Mac products are the top-notch computing devices which are built on the principle of quality. Finding words for the praise of Mac machines is quite an easy job as it includes everything desired in a perfect computing device. But there is a very uncommon yet annoying issue which Mac users have reported at some point of time “it denies to turn on”.

Usually, the problem is due to a power connection which keeps your Mac device from turning on.  So if pressing the power button isn’t making any difference and there is nothing on the screen such as there is no driver noise, no images, videos or visual, your Mac hasn’t turned on. So it’s not refusing to start up but it’s not reaching the position where it can refuse to get started.

Do the following if your Mac device won’t start up:

Check the power connection:

Though it’s very basic yet the most considerable factor when your Mac device doesn’t turn on at all. Check the power cable, source and supply to be sure whether your computer is getting sufficient power supply or not. Next is a battery, so check the battery status to be sure if it’s getting charged. If your battery is dead, replacing is the only solution available.

Replace the power adapter or cable:

Power adapters are the crucial component of the supply unit. So a faulty power cable or adapter cable can cause the hassle such as Mac isn’t getting switched on, by discontinuing the power supply from wall outlet to the computing device. Also, it is recommended not to use a duplicate or third-party cables.

The power cut or sudden rise in the voltage can affect your power cable and damage it, so one must keep an eye on power adapters, and replace them from time to time.

Disconnect all accessories:

The peripherals associated with your Mac consumes resources and this could cause issues while turning on your device. So, before switching on your Mac, one should disconnect all the connected accessories and try to start it again.

Sometimes the poor configuration of hard drives or operating system can be the reason for the problem of Mac not getting turn on. So, configure it again, to resolve the issues.

Perform a power cycle:

If the situation has gone too far and all your attempts have gone in the vain, forcing power to your computing device is the last option. All you need to do is to hold the power button for ten seconds and restart the Mac.

For computers, you need to unplug the power cable for ten seconds and restart it again.

Check for Display issues:

There are chances that the display of your Mac devices are creating a problem and thus you are not able to see anything on your device’s screen. If you can’t find anything unusual with the other components, the portability is the display of your Mac devices isn’t booting, so at such points, calling Mac support number is the most effective solution.

There are few tips to deal with the non-functional display:

  • Check that the monitor and other hardware is compatible with your Mac product.
  • If there is anything between the Mac and monitor such as switches and extenders, remove them all and then try to restart your mac.
  • If you more than one monitors are connected with your mac device, it is advisable to use one at a time.

There is one more solution which saves your time and efforts and i.e. calling Mac support phone number. The toll-free number lets you reach mac experts who provide the guaranteed solution for the dilemma you are going through.

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